Sensei Smith

Sensei began his martial arts training at Kageyama Dojo in Toronto, from its inception in 1996. He has attended several tai kai (training conventions) in the United States, taught and assisted with seminars at Kageyama and at other dojos, as well as organized and facilitated outdoor training activities and events for other students. He travels to Japan for training with his teacher every two years.  Currently, Sensei Smith is Dojo Cho of and instructs at Seiren Dojo as well as being senpai (senior student) of Kageyama Dojo.

Sensei Smith successfully tested for his Shodan under Shidoshi Tremblay in February 2003. In November 2015 Jason was granted the rank of Shidoshi in the Bujinkan.

Sensei Smith also is a practitioner of Kyudo, traditional Japanese archery, and is a member of the Kyudo Association of Canada.


Shihan Greg Tremblay

Gregory L.J. Tremblay began his martial arts training in 1972. In 1982, he was introduced to ninjutsu during a seminar featuring Stephen K. Hayes, the first American to be awarded the title of shidoshi (or senior instructor), under the authority of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, grandmaster of the Bujinkan. In the years that followed, Sensei Tremblay traveled to Ohio on a regular basis during the 1980’s, undergoing intensive training under Stephen Hayes and other senior instructors.

Beginning in June of 1996, Greg Tremblay opened Kageyama Dojo. One of the chief goals of Kageyama was to become a common meeting ground, offering support and encouragement to the Ninjutsu community and enhanced access to the interested public. In addition to being Kageyama's Dojo Cho(owner operator) Sensei travels to Japan yearly to train with his teacher Dr. Hatsumi.


Shidoshi Ho Certificate Presented by Shidoshi Greg Tremblay & Shidoshi Courtland Elliot

Tameshi Giri

Taijutsu Training


Sensei Smith at the Minnesota Kyudo Kai

Iaido Demonstration at Seiren Dojo

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