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15th Anniversary of SEIREN DOJO

On Saturday July 28th 2018 at 2pm the much anticipated Budo event of the year will be held at its usual location in Cookstown.




Attendees are asked to pre-purchase cutting Tatami, well in advance so they can be prepared by the host for you to cut. The mats are $15 each and are good for at least three cuts.  Bring a cutting Sword or call Seiren Dojo.

Unlike former years cutting will only occur for students and teachers who prearrange a cut.  (The day is too busy!)



We will be celebrating Shihan Tremblay’s birthday later in the evening and all are welcome.  Bon Fire, hamburgers and hotdogs will be provided. This is a potluck so please bring a dish and of course B.Y.O.B.  (Call ahead for Potluck dish ideas desserts are best)

LIVE MUSIC has been arranged to enhance the mood of the night.




Everyone is welcome to stay over.  Bring bedding and a tent or crash in the Dojo (only fitting).

For location details please contact Smith Shidoshi at

or call 416-451-8030 .


More events will be happening soon. Keep in touch send us an e-mail.

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